Well If They Have Ball-Joints…

| OR, USA | Friendly | May 24, 2017

(I collect Ball-Jointed Dolls. They’re resin dolls that vary in size from about 12 cm to around 70 cm — larger ones than even that exist. They’re also rather expensive, even on the smaller side. Two friends have surprised me with a limited edition doll, one I couldn’t afford to put on layaway, as a special gift, which is insane, seriously, but I’m so grateful.)

Friend #1: “Okay, open your eyes!”

Me: *recognizing the company name on the box in front of me* “Holy crap, are you guys serious?!”

Friend #2: “Yup! Open it up!”

(I excitedly open the box and tug him out in all his naked resin glory… and notice a bag.)

Me: “What’s… Oh ,my god… Oooooh, my god!”

(I immediately burst out laughing. In the bag, are four magnetic, sculpted to scale, resin penises, that can swap with the very basically sculpted usual one.)

Me: *laughing hysterically* “IS THIS ONE OF THOSE COMPANIES?!”

Friend #1: *cackling* “Yes! I know! I had no idea until I opened the one I got in the mail!”

(While not common, a couple companies tend to include… swappable man parts… with their larger dolls. Which we had no idea this company did. We made so many d**k jokes.)

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  • Dana Corby

    Three used to be a store in Seattle that sold, among other things, nipples & genitalia for Barbies & Kens. Hysterical!

  • Hanna Kingsley

    Loongsoul? Sounds like Loongsoul to me 🙂

    • CeeCee

      DragonDoll, actually. But my Loongsoul does have jointed butt cheeks….

      • Kristeen Borrowman

        Wait wait wait HOW are the buttcheeks jointed….I need to know …for reasons….

        • CeeCee

          Oh, it looks like I can post pictures now? I’ll take some pictures later, lmao, but basically, he’s got a seam right up the middle and into his hip joins. It allows for greater stability. My friend’s got Loongsoul he can make squat in a horse stance because of it lol

          • Hanna Kingsley

            I have a Loongsoul and i don’t think mine has jointed cheeks! Totally want to see!

  • Mike Sartoris

    I’m curious, why the variety? Size, or ummm “condition”?

    • CeeCee

      “Condition” lmao Though the default is the smaller, more generic one most doll companies stick with for manbits.

    • Dawn

      Some people like that? Not my thing, personally, but there are BJDs that have amazingly detailed anatomic sculpting. Sometimes it’s purely an artistic choice. Sometimes it’s more involved than that.

      In general, it also makes it easier to redress the doll if you can take off the dangly pieces. So …. yep.

      • CeeCee

        Some people do like to take more… explicit pictures of their dolls. That’s just their thing. My doll’s bits will probably stay in the box and only come out to show people and laugh

        • Lita

          My friend has some hanging from the ceiling fan light cord. I think they put them there for a laugh and just…forgot to take them down.

        • Dawn

          Oh, I’m aware. I had an acquaintance through a different hobby who collected BJDs. She was my first encounter with Doll People, and I intentionally avoided her FB photos for that reasion.

          She used to tell me stories about one of her dolls trying to rape the others, or that they were alive and would kick her in the face.

          Suffice to say, I never asked her about detachable doll bits, because I was worried about how that might go.

          • CeeCee

            i dont mind that people see their dolls as more than just things (it’s pretty common in the hobby actually) but the rape thing is kind of disturbing….

          • Dawn

            I’ve encountered plenty of sane doll people since then, and bought myself a little cutie Pocket Pet from Island Doll recently, but she was … yeah. Not the best intro to the hobby, to be honest.

        • Hanna Kingsley

          I use them as fridge magnets. I guarantee everyone will read the note on the fridge if it’s being held up by a group of penis

  • Max

    I’m just imagining some poor Ken doll sitting there with a look of murderous envy in his eyes.

    • Megalodon

      Fun fact: Ken dolls used to all be anatomically correct, but they purposefully stopped making them that way, not because anyone clutched their pearls about it, but because the little parts kept snapping off during transit. Solution? Ken Doll Smooth.

      • Dana Corby

        Uh-uh. I’ve been around longer than Ken dolls have existed and they’ve always just had that slight bulge.

        • Megalodon

          Really? Welp, someone lied to me then. You learn something every day. I’m okay with that. 🙂

  • Scot MrSpellcheck Rogers

    So… which company is it? Don’t leave us ……. hanging. 😉

    • CeeCee

      LOL DragonDoll. Ringdoll, I know, also has them on their larger dolls, and I think maybe Loongsoul.

      • Raven Odette

        Possibly Phicen

    • Azura

      I know Spiritdoll used to sell extra pieces to change how excited your doll is. Not sure if they still do.

  • Glowworm

    Oh my gosh this is hilarious!

  • Scott Frank Clemons

    This story reminds me of Gabriel Iglesias talking about how he and the other actors had mock-lightsaber fights with strap-ons during the filming of Magic Mike.

    • godzillahomer

      heh, Gabe’s always good for a laugh; you just know he’d be able to make a good lightsaber noise

      • Scott Frank Clemons

        Now I have to wonder if the strap-ons were rainbow colored, and if anybody had the Sith one.

        • godzillahomer

          search your heart, you know it to be true

    • Fyva Prold

      Reminds me of SNL’s Star Wars Screen Tests

    • ggdub


  • Lita

    Ok just a minor annoyance…

    BJDs range from as small as 5cm to well over 100cm (I think the largest currently is 115cm? With some as big as 150cm reported for promotional things, though I think those were typically vinyl “fashion dolls”)

    • CeeCee

      Yeah, I kinda had a brain fart on my sizes. I actually once saw online a BJD that was about 5′ tall. Can’t remember the company though.

      • Lita

        I know Obitsu had one made and there was rumor they would offer them for sale but that was a long while ago.

        I have a 90cm Bo from AoD.

        Side related this is the second BJD story I’ve seen on here recently… we’re multiplying.

    • Leah

      it does say that larger ones exist.

    • Sandy Pham

      There’re human size BJDs, it’s just not many people can afford them or want them so they’re rare (Why make something that no one buy?) Usually they’re made by individual artists as a hobby or, like you said, for promotion.

      • Lita

        150cm is human sized.

        • Sandy Pham

          Okay so I confirmed your information and you confirmed it again? Do I need to do another confirmation or…?

  • Wow, talk about your d*** moves.

  • Kitty

    Reminds me of when I played Nameless and it was sponsored by Crobidoll. And I kept wondering if their dolls do have anatomically correct bodies.

    • CeeCee

      Most dolls (except the really tiny ones, I think) tend to be somewhat anatomically correct. Usually, it’s not super detailed.

    • Lita

      Like what CeeCee said. Some are…very detailed…. most are a slit or an annoying peen shaped bulge that makes dressing a pain.

      Boys tend to get more detail then girls.

      DollChateau though….yeah that was a surprise when I opened my girl up x.x

  • Katie
  • Medusa Jordan

    I think what we need to know is if the penises are Ball-Jointed?