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We’ll Have To Monitor Her Closely After This

, , , , , | Working | December 13, 2021

With so many people now working from home, IT equipment is getting harder and harder to come by, and when it is available, the lead time is ten times what it was previously. We have asked all users to be patient, return any unused equipment, and only lodge requests when absolutely required.

Requests for new equipment have gone down to practically zero, all apart from [Employee #1]. She raises requests a couple of times a month for another monitor. A few of us have explained that there just isn’t equipment available, but she keeps putting in those requests.

I go to chat with her to see how urgent this really is.

On her desk is her laptop — closed — and a wide-screen monitor. 

Me: “Hi, I’m from IT. You made several requests for an additional monitor. Can you tell me why you need it?”

Employee #1: “Well, for my job.”

Me: “Yes, but what specifically.”

Employee #1: “Emails and things.”

Me: “We have such a limited number of screens. I can’t give you one if you don’t need it.”

Employee #1: “But I do need it!”

Me: “You don’t need two widescreen monitors for emails, sorry. If your boss tells me different, I can keep the ticket open, but there will still be a wait. If you need to work on two screens, you can use your laptop and the second screen.”

Employee #1: “But I don’t want to.”

Me: “Then I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

I go back and close all of her requests and make a note on the system to deny any further requests unless her boss contacts us.

I think it’s odd that we get another request for a new monitor from the same department just a few days later. I go down again.

Me: “You requested a monitor. Is there any particular reason why you need it?”

Employee #2: “Well, yes. Mine disappeared.” 

Me: “What? When?”

Employee #2: “I don’t know. I came back from holiday today and it wasn’t there.”

Me: “Hmm, give me a second.”

Yes, [Employee #1] had stolen it and put it on her desk. I unplugged it right in front of her and let her boss know that she wasn’t to take other people’s IT, nor does [Employee #1] (a secretarial role) get new equipment when senior managers are still waiting (patiently) for theirs and requested it first.

She was banned from raising her own IT requests, thankfully.

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