Well, Go Tell Her SOMEBODY’S Dead

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My boyfriend and I are gamers, so a lot of times when I go over to his place, we each have our video game devices and just play. I’m known for being a little odd sometimes. One day, I’m sitting there playing on my phone and my boyfriend is playing a horror game on his console. I can hear some music playing and I look up.

Me: “That song… Is that Go Tell Aunt Rhody?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah.”

Me: “That was my song when I was a little kid!”

My boyfriend is giving me a look of horror.

Me: “What? My mom and my grandma used to sing it to me all the time when I was little.”

He’s now giving me the “What kind of childhood did you have?!’” look. He turns the volume up.

Song: “Go tell Aunt Rhody, go tell Aunt Rhody, go tell Aunt Rhody that everybody’s dead.”

Me: “What?! No! It’s ‘the ol’ gray goose is dead’!”

Apparently, he had never heard of the folk version, only the horror version. When I asked around, very few people had heard of either song. I didn’t know that it wasn’t that common where I live! Also, just to show how odd my family is… we seriously debated singing that at my grandma’s funeral.

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