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Well, Excuse Me For Being A Law-Abiding Citizen

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: hamcon1 | September 22, 2022

During my time working in retail, I have had people get mad, complain, plead, and even try to tell me their ID was still good. But never have I had this happen before.

I was at the counter, keeping an eye out for customers, when a lady and her boyfriend came in. She put her ID on the counter.

Customer: “I’d like some [Cigarettes], please.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but this ID is expired. I cannot sell to you.”

I gave the ID back.

Customer: “Your coworkers have accepted it before! And other places are okay with it!”

She kept giving me the usual tirade. I had heard these so many times that I just drowned them out and continued to explain. Then, she said something I had never heard before.

Customer: “I will sue if you do not sell them to me!”

That caught me off guard as I’d never had a customer threaten to sue before, and all this because I wouldn’t accept her ID. But even then, I stood my ground and just kept explaining the policy, the laws, and what would happen if I did not comply. She kept using the suing excuse, and I was very close to just telling her, “Do it. Try to sue. Good luck trying to find a judge that won’t just dismiss it.”

She finally relented, bought two bottles of soda, and left.

It sounded like she was using that as a scare tactic to make me comply, but unluckily for her, I knew the law and knew a place that had closed for not following the law multiple times. I am not a spineless worker.

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