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Well Crossplayed Mom

| Related | September 22, 2015

(I have just come back from a four day convention where about half the attendees wear costumes. I’m known for ‘crossplaying’ – wearing a costume of the opposite gender – so I have a f2m breast compressor in order to help, note that I’m a fairly busty female. My mum has picked me up from the train station and had stopped to get petrol. I go into the garage with her as I want something to eat. At the check out;)

Mum: “Oh, did you mean to leave your booby squisher bra at home?”

Me: “…my what?”

Mum: “You know—” *pushes her breasts down* “—no boobs—” *lets them go* “—boobs!”

Me: “My breast compressor?”

Mum: “Yes, did you mean to leave it at home?”

Me: “Well yeah, I was doing all female characters this time.”

(I suddenly realise the male clerk has stopped scanning and is looking completely bemused.)

Mum: *to the clerk* “She has a booby flattener. It makes her boobs disappear. I didn’t think it would as she has such big ones, but it really does!”