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Well, Color Me Disappointed!

, , , | Right | December 11, 2019

(I’m working at the circulation desk. We keep the public printer there so patrons have to come up and pay for their printed items once they come out. Printouts are black and white only. But for some reason, when previewing it on our screens for them before hitting the print button, the prints show up in color, so we’re always letting patrons that aren’t regulars know that the prints come out in black and white. Most are unbothered by this. If they are bothered, I have the option to cancel their print job from my computer so they won’t have to pay anything.) 

Patron: *approaches the desk* “I need to pick up my prints, please.”

Me: *cheerfully* “Sure!” *goes to the preview screen and pulls hers up* “Okay, so, I see you’ve got some pictures in color. Just so you know, they’re going to come out black and white; is that okay?”

Patron: “You don’t have color printing at all?”

Me: “No, ma’am, I’m sorry.”

Patron: *huffs and rolls her eyes*

Me: *thinking she may not want them because of her response* “If you’d like, ma’am, I can cancel them for you; you wouldn’t have to pay a thing.”

Patron:  “Did I say I didn’t want them?!”

Me: *completely floored because she has been completely normal so far* “I… I… No, ma’am, you just looked disappointed so I—”


(My face is on fire, and this woman is glaring at me like I committed a crime.)

Me: *hits “print” from my screen* “That’s [price], please.” *makes my way to the printer while my coworker processes her payment*

Patron: *to my coworker after I hand her the prints* “Oh, thank you so much, sweetie!” *flounces towards the doors with a huge smile on her face like nothing happened*

Me: *looks at my coworker with an awkward laugh from both of us* “Okay, next time, she’s all yours.”

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