Well At Least It Was Lactose Free

| Related | September 30, 2016

(In grade eight, my class made a bunch of putties and things in science class. One of them was made with Borax, so I bought a box and attempted to make it at home. It didn’t work, so I bring the cup I made it in downstairs to wash. I stop in the bathroom on my way, putting the cup on the dining room table. When I come out…)

Step-Mom: “I think that milk has gone bad… It didn’t taste right.”

Me: “Milk?”

Step-Mom: *holds up the cup*

Me: “OH, MY GOD, you didn’t drink that, did you?!”

Step-Mom: “Why… what was in it?”

Me: “Borax and a bunch of other chemicals!”

(Luckily she was fine! I don’t know what possessed her to drink a random beverage she found.)

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