Welfare Causes The Cashier To Snap

| Working | August 12, 2013

(I am at the grocery store, about to check out, when I see a coworker leaving the store as I get to the front of the line. She waves at me and I wave at her and her son.)

Cashier: “Oh, wow you know that woman?”

Me: “Yes, we work together.”

Cashier: “She was buying really high quality organic food on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Ugh! Can you believe these welfare queens? They’re draining our tax money.”

Me: “Excuse you, you don’t know jack about her. She is a hardworking mom of two who has raised two outstanding sons BY HERSELF, with no help from her family at all.”

Cashier: “Well that’s cause she shouldn’t have been sleeping around and not gotten married! Single moms don’t raise good kids!”

Me: “Again, wrong there. Both of her sons are well-spoken, polite, civic-minded and awesome all around. Her oldest is an Eagle Scout and going to college in the fall. She is on SNAP because she doesn’t get paid enough, just like me, and we teach preschool to give kids a good start in life. Put my stuff back; I don’t want it. I’m shopping elsewhere today, and I’m talking to your manager.”

Cashier: “It’s you and your liberal heathen that ruin this country!”

Me: “Manager. NOW.”

(The manager apologizes, and gives me coupons for my friend and myself. I still make sure to avoid that cashier’s line though.)

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