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Welcome To The World!

, , , | Friendly | July 27, 2021

I have a friend who grew up sheltered, meaning he had no TV and his parents controlled what music he listened to, what books he read, and even the people he saw. As a result, he is often innocent and naive, to the point that people often wonder if he’s all there. He has a crush on a beautiful female friend.

Female Friend: “I love Han Solo!” 

She gets up to use the bathroom, and I notice my sheltered friend looking depressed. 

Me: “What’s wrong, [Sheltered Friend]?” 

Sheltered Friend: “She likes this other guy, the one with the Asian name. Han Solo, I think his name is.”

Me: *Starts laughing* “Han Solo isn’t a real person! He’s fictional, in a series of movies and books! She isn’t actually in love with him!”

Sheltered Friend: “Why would she say that, then?”

Me: “It’s just something girls say about someone they like a lot. She could also say she loves [Other Friend] or Stephen King!”

Sheltered Friend: “I know who [Other Friend] is, but who is Stephen King?”

He learned a lot that day.

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