Welcome To The Brain On Autopilot; May I Take Your Order?

, , , , | Working | May 22, 2020

While I’m at work, my husband texts me to bring home something for dinner, so I decide to go through the drive-thru of a fast food place famous for their chicken n’ biscuits, since nothing else sounds the least bit appetizing.

Worker: “Place your order whenever you are ready.”

Me: “I’d like two cajun chicken filet biscuit combos, please.”

Worker: “What size and what to drink?”

Me: “Medium and sweet tea on both.”

Worker: *Garbled* “To go?”

Me: “I’m sorry can you repeat that?”

Worker: *Much clearer* “To go?”

I’m still sitting in my car… in the drive-thru.

Me: “Did you ask if it was to go?”

Worker: “Oh… uh… Anything else?”

Me: “No, that’s all, thanks.”

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