Welcome To The Black Parade

, , | Right | December 22, 2018

(I’m working in the checkout at an entertainment store when a guy who is dressed in the “emo” style comes up to me.)

Customer: “This music is s***; you should get some MCR [My Chemical Romance] on!”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t decide the music. Also, MCR broke up last year, so they aren’t relevant enough for head office to choose them.”

Customer: “That’s f***** up. They wouldn’t know music if it hit them over the head!”

Me: “I suppose. But still, we can’t change it.”

Customer: “So, what music do you like?”

Me: “All sorts.”

Customer: “MCR?”

Me: “Once. I used to dress a lot like you, actually, only I had snake-bites instead of the one lip piercing.”

Customer: *eyes narrowing* “Once? What happened?”

Me: “I grew up.”

Customer: *scoffs* “You weren’t a real fan, then!”

(At this, I walk around the counter and lift up my trouser leg, revealing a large tattoo dedicated to MCR’s album “The Black Parade.” He stares at it, mouth agape.)

Me: “You were saying?”

(The guy blushed and ran out of the store. He had something in his hand, too, which he threw behind him as the alarm went off. Just because I’m not a fan now, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t at one point. Sadly, we get a lot of people like him, thinking they can openly pass judgment based on music tastes. I didn’t even think emo was a thing anymore until I saw him.)

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