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Welcome To Potty (Mouth) Training

, | Learning | June 22, 2015

(We have a class of about twenty students and of those, I am the only female.)

Instructor #1: “…Yeah, that system is a load of s***.” *looks at me* “Sorry.”

Instructor #2: “…It’s a three-day weekend. If ANY of you drive drunk I’m going to be really f****** pissed!” *looks at me* “Sorry.”

Instructor #3: “They yelled at me for telling that story when I was in instructor school. They said, ‘You can’t tell your students about how you took a f****** shock on purpose!'” *looks at me* “Sorry.”

Me: “…Ah, that’s how it works. Yeah, that s*** makes sense.”

Instructor #3: *turns and looks at me*

Me: *looks back at Instructor #3*

(After that conversation, Instructor #3 never made any attempt to apologize to me for swearing. I think he finally realized I had the same potty mouth the rest of the sailors did, and didn’t need any special treatment when it came to dropping the occasional (or even frequent) swear word!)

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