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Weirdly Placed Manners

, , , , , | Friendly | April 25, 2020

I like to think that I am “down with the kids.” I’m almost thirty years old and have always liked kids. Apparently, kids don’t always like you back.

I entered [Very Large, Famous Clothing Store] and saw a little boy, maybe five or six years old, sitting on the floor under a clothing rack, sulking. Thinking that I could be the one to cheer him up, I smiled at him… and got a death glance back from him.

Okay, this one is a hard pleaser, so I jokingly stuck my tongue out. Shouldn’t have done that.

The sourpuss kid immediately yelled at me, “YOU DO NOT GET TO STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE AT ME! IT IS NOT ALLOWED!”

Pretty sure the entire store heard him. 

I quickly scrambled away from this kid, promising myself never to interact with unknown kids ever again.

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