Weird Times, Man… Weird Times…

, , , , , | Working | July 17, 2020

My boyfriend works as a delivery driver for a third-party company for some extra money. He’s out for his shift and he sends me a text. This happens during the quarantine, so all restaurants that are open are takeout or delivery only.

Boyfriend: “OMG, I just got an order for [Restaurant] and went in and it smells like weed in here.”

Me: “OMG, lol.”

Boyfriend: “Like, badly.”

Me: “I guess they’re feeling the stress.”

Most places are operating with only two or three employees at a time.

Boyfriend: “Probably, but not like they’re in any rush to get orders out ever.”

A few minutes go by and he messages me again.

Boyfriend: “There’s a lady in here and she’s like sleeping. Must be high af. Like, a worker.”

Me: “Wow.”

He came home later and told me that it was the hostess who was bringing orders out from the kitchen. She apparently fell asleep standing up at her podium for about five minutes before the phone rang and startled her awake. I’m wondering if because it’s a barbecue place, they thought the pit smoke would somehow cover up the weed smell? Either way, not the best idea.

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