Weighted Responsibility

| Working | September 25, 2013

(I manage the stock room at work. Most of the people I work with are larger, muscular men. We have one female on stock room staff. We jokingly call her ‘Pint Size,’ because despite the fact that she’s pretty small as a person, she can do the job as well as any of us, including heavy lifting. We have two new men starting today, because we’re getting more stuff in for fall/Halloween. We need time to train them before the big holiday rush. We’re processing a shipment.)

New Guy #1: “Hey, what happens when we have something we can’t lift on our own?”

Me: “You need to have someone help you. Why?”

([New Guy #1] points to a large box that says ‘caution: over 70 lbs’ on it.)

Me: “Um… if you can’t lift that, then leave it for one of the others.”

New Guy #2: “Naw, man we got this!”

(They try to lift it together, and can barely get it off the ground. ‘Pint Size’ has been watching the whole time.)

Pint Size: “Oh for the love of—I’ll do it.”

New Guy #1: *standing up to his full height and leering down at her* “This box is more than half your body weight. It’s not physically possible.”

Pint Size: “People routinely lift more than their own body weight on a regular basis.”

New Guy #2: “But you’re a girl.”

(‘Pint Size’ picks up the box without any trouble.)

Pint Size: “And you’re a weakling. Get out of the way.”

(They both stand there staring at her as she hoists the box up onto her shoulder and walks away. They end up being transferred to the sales floor because they end up being in the way more often than not, and they are completely unable to move any of the heavier items around the stock room.)

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