Weighing The Pros And Cons

| Ireland | Friendly | May 26, 2017

(I’m on a knitting tour organized by the Irish Tourism Board that includes classes and an overnight stay on one of the Aran Islands. The trip over is by ferry, but going back we have to fly (in two batches, on a plane about the size of my front porch). At the airport the desk attendant explains that for safety reasons she not only has to weigh our luggage, but all of us as well.)

Fellow Tourist: *aghast* “She’s weighing us?”

Me: “Yes, but look — she’s just writing it down; she’s not announcing it.”

Fellow Tourist: “Good, because I’m wearing heavy shoes.”

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  • godzillahomer

    FT, I agree with you, my shoes are always changing weight, but somehow, without all that shoe weight I’m 160 pounds; weird ain’t it? 😉

  • Well, if the shoe fits…

  • Scott Frank Clemons

    So, we toss him out if the plane starts to nose dive, right?

    • godzillahomer

      Nah, you send him to the back 😉

  • Bethany Lieflijk

    I have no idea how heavy I am. I also feel like I would be lighter than I should be.

    • Katrin Schirmer

      given that i’m currently trying to lose weight, as of last Monday i weighed 166.2 pounds. 😛

  • RallyLock

    I expected this story to be about all of the knitting tour members being forced to leave their knitting needles on the island when they flew back to the mainland…

    • shay simmons

      That would have resulted in a small riot.

  • Your worst nightmare

    Thats a big porch you have

    • shay simmons

      It’s a very big porch, 8×30. The house was built in 1917. We could probably ballroom dance out there.

      • Your worst nightmare