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Weekly Roundup: Twister Tales

Right | July 15, 2012

Twister Tales! Bad weather is no laughing matter, which is why this week we share five stories of how selfish and senseless customers can be—even in the face of disaster.

  1. The Wind In The Windows (3,315 thumbs up)
    A crazy caller finds out there’s a good reason tornado sirens are so loud!
  2. Can’t See The Forest For The Airborne Trees (3,053 thumbs up)
    Not a good idea: ringing up tech support in the middle of a twister.
  3. Tornado 1, Whiny Caller 0 (2,680 thumbs up)
    The customer is always right, except when the employee needs to run for their life!
  4. How Dorothy Does Her Shopping (2,515 thumbs up)
    Neither torrential rain or airborne objects can stop this shopper.
  5. Great Game Until The Tornado Stole Home (1,704 thumbs up)
    Mother Nature messes with the wrong Red Sox fan!

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Question of the Week

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