Weekly Roundup: It Runs In The Family

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It Runs In The Family! If you liked our previous “It Runs In The Zombie Family” roundup, this week we take a look at the “living” side of the coin!

  1. Like Son, Like Father:
    An obnoxious father’s equally obnoxious son is a “rip-off” the old block!
  2. This Saying Is Not A Keeper:
    Best way to deal with your mom’s overused sayings, ever!
  3. Pant-alizingly Honest:
    Cute: three-year-old son wanting to be like daddy. NOT cute: three-year-old son scratching his butt like daddy.
  4. Meet The Smart-alecs:
    If you’re a natural smart-alec, just blame it on your parents!
  5. There Are Several Dimensions To Craziness:
    Warning: Monty Python and Leonardo DiCaprio don’t mix, unless you’re part of this irreverent family!

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