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Weekly Roundup: Hopelessly Heartless

| Right | August 5, 2012

Hopelessly Heartless! This week’s roundup features customers that are the worst of the worst: uncaring, mean-spirited, and heartless!

  1. Always Right, Even When Shooting Down A Helicopter (4,402 thumbs up)
    Neither helicopter nor heart attack will get in the way of this teed-off golfer’s swing!
  2. Driving Miss Crazy, Part 2 (4,075 thumbs up)
    If a snow storm and a car accident won’t stop this crazy driver, crashing into a police car just might.
  3. Wake Up And Smell The Snooty (2,668 thumbs up)
    Snooty restaurant customers are always right—even when their waiter is having an epileptic seizure!
  4. Got Love In The Bank (3,527 thumbs up)
    Truly heartless: a wife decides to get some banking done while her husband is having a heart attack.
  5. The Show Must Go On (3,209 thumbs up)
    A fellow customer’s heart may have stopped, but there’s no stopping a movie for these selfish theater-goers!

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Question of the Week

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