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Weekly Roundup: False Accusations

| Right | December 16, 2012

False Accusations! This week, we feature five stories where customers make (and get called out for making) false accusations!

  1. Where There’s Smoke (2,389 Thumbs Up)
    What do you get when you make a false accusation over a false fire alarm? A true fire!
  2. We Prefer Hipsters Over Hellcats (1,566 Thumbs Up)
    A hipster-hating customer goes nuclear… over a pair of prescription Ray-Bans.
  3. Killing One Cold Bird With Two Stores (2,969 Thumbs Up)
    A fast food patron chickens out after finding out he’s at the wrong restaurant!
  4. On Sale: Humble Pie (2,494 Thumbs Up)
    The next time this grocery customer gets prissy about price, they’ll be sure to check it twice.
  5. You’ve Got The Wrong(est) Number, Part 4 (2,908 Thumbs Up)
    There are wrong numbers, and then there are profanity-laden, bomb-threatening tirades like this one!

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Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

I have a story to share!