Weekly Roundup: Dog-Gone Customers!

Right | August 19, 2012

Dog Gone Customers! This week’s roundup features dog owning-customers whose behavior has gone to the dogs!

  1. Beverly Spills Chihuahua (2,884 thumbs up)
    A fast food customer’s attempt to sneak her dog in under her shirt leaves her soaked and una-pee-ling!
  2. Bow-Wow Bigotry (1,536 thumbs up)
    Proof paws-itive that discrimination still occurs, no matter how many legs (and tails) you have.
  3. Nip-Picking (3,028 thumbs up)
    A “ticked”-off owner gets a crash course in doggy anatomy!
  4. Bestial Superiority Complexes (1,830 thumbs up)
    If this bigoted bow-wow’s owner doesn’t like bad breeding, they should look in the mirror.
  5. Wait…You Can Do That? (4,174 thumbs up)
    A customer mistakes the local kennel for an all-you-can-dog buffet!

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