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Weekly Roundup: Bad Behavior

| Right | January 6, 2013

Bad Behavior! This week, we feature five stories about customers behaving badly. Got similar stories of your own? Enter our related January Themed Giveaway: Bad Behavior!

  1. When Toxic Personalities Become Intoxicated (2,889 thumbs up)
    A drunk college student learns not to (right) cross a soldier’s girlfriend!
  2. They Crossed A Line (1,278 thumbs up)
    A Black Friday line cutter gets an attit-queue-de when told to go to the back of the line.
  3. Branding Is All Smoke & Mirrors (1,368 thumbs up)
    We employees can handle things being thrown at us, but nice customers make us tear up every time!
  4. Crying Over Spoiled Milk (1,907 thumbs up)
    This husband ordering coffee can’t ‘espresso’ himself–but his wife knows he’s ‘short’ a few brain cells.
  5. Kids Will Send Any Parent To The Funny Pharm (1,273 thumbs up)
    A pharmacist overhears several screaming good reasons why a customer needs birth control!

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