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Weekly Roundup: Animals!

Right | December 9, 2012

Animals! This week, we feature five stories with customers involving animals!

  1. When Stupid People Attack (4,941 Thumbs Up)
    Nothing can go wrong when a bored zoo visitor asks to poke a thousand-pound bear with a stick. Nothing at all!
  2. Hiss-terical Contest (3,892 Thumbs Up)
    If you’re gonna challenge an animal to a staring contest, it’s best to make sure they have eyelids first.
  3. Goldilocks Is Better Off With The Bears (2,642 Thumbs Up)
    These camping parents’ understanding of childcare is nearly un-bear-able!
  4. Suffering From A Reptile Dysfunction (1,641 Thumbs Up)
    “There be dragons” is taken at face value by this conservatory visitor.
  5. Customer’s A Real Dodo (2,501 Thumbs Up)
    Some pet store customers can be dodo-heads when it comes to extinct creatures!

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