Weekly Roundup: A Child At (And After) My Heart

, , | Not Always Related | Romantic | June 4, 2012

A Child At (And After) My Heart: This week, we share five stories of couples behaving a bit too young at heart!

  1. It’s Raining Men-Child:
    No need to have children when you’re already married to one!
  2. In Brightest Wedding Day…:
    This childish comic book store proposal needs more than a superhero to save it!
  3. Caution: Children At Play:
    A boyfriend makes playing “who’s gonna hang up first” even MORE childish!
  4. Worming His Way Into Your Heart:
    A childish husband scoots even further into childishness!
  5. A Relationship In Maturity, Needs Immaturity:
    What rhymes with silly? Married couples rhyming willy nilly!

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