Weekend Rule Bend

| Learning | September 1, 2016

(I am a student taking a take-home exam, which is to be left in the teacher’s pigeon-hole by a certain date. The date in question is a Friday. I am speaking to the teacher in her office about the exam.)

Me: *to the teacher* “So, this exam is to be submitted by Friday, right?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Me: “And we have time until midnight, don’t we?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Me: “But you won’t be here until midnight on Friday, will you? Or on Saturday or Sunday. So basically we could just put Friday’s date on it and hand it in on Sunday and when you come here on Monday you won’t know when it was actually handed in?”

Teacher: *smiles* “Yes, that’s correct.”

Me: “Okay!” *walks off*

(I handed it in on Sunday and got a good mark.)

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