Weekend Roundup: Sibling Rivalry

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Sibling Rivalry! This week, we share five hilarious sibling rivalry stories that will have you going, “Oh, brother (or sister)!”

  1. Hurting Your Sibling’s Fillings:
    Going to the dentist is scary enough, but leave it to a mean-spirited sister to make it a real kick in the teeth!
  2. Sibling Rivalry Is Relative:
    What happens when a hapless cashier gets caught between two snarky siblings? Two words: collateral damage.
  3. There Will Be Blood Relatives:
    Introducing your girlfriend to your sister: good for you. Having your girlfriend ask if she’s the crazy sister: not so good for you.
  4. A Tender Relationship:
    It’s comforting to know that if your fiance is an axe-wielding murderer, your brother will be happy to help hide the body.
  5. Making Mole-Hills Out Of Mosquito Bites:
    It’s bad enough that your sister is making fun of your boobs, but mom jumping in to help her? Well, that really bites!

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