Weekend Roundup: Not Always Parental

| Not Always Related | Related | April 29, 2012

Not Always Parental! This week, we share five stories of parents acting anything but parental!

  1. A Scandal Is Brewing:
    A responsible teenager catches his not-so-responsible parents with their pants down—literally.
  2. Parental Misguidance:
    If you think this son is open-minded, just wait until you meet his mom!
  3. When Juice Breaks Concentration:
    Proof that nothing squeezes the kid out of moms like juice!
  4. Represent Your Daughter:
    Urban Dictionary is proud to present the swaggiest, most representin’ dad…yo!
  5. Spoilers Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg:
    Just like the Titanic, mom’s potty mouth is unsinkable.

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