Weekend Roundup: It Runs In The Zombie Family

Not Always Related | Related | May 13, 2012

It Runs In The Zombie Family! There’s nothing natural about the supernatural–unless you’re living (or unliving) in one of these families!

  1. Bark Of The Dead:
    A zombie dog’s bite is actually much, much worse than its bark!
  2. Zombie Vampire Love:
    Warning: mom’s vampire curiosity could raise questions about raising the dead!
  3. Fun Runs Can Be A Brain Drain:
    Keep this in mind: people hate to eat and run, whereas zombies love to eat running people.
  4. Logic Of The Dead:
    Parents acting brainless? Try speaking zombie!
  5. Just Be Square With Dad:
    Deep down, we always suspected dad was a lean, mean, picture-frame-swingin’ zombie killin’ machine.

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