Weekend Roundup: I Hear(t) You

| Not Always Romantic | Romantic | May 6, 2012

I Hear(t) You. This week, we share five stories that show that attentive hearing is at the hear(t) of a good relationship!

  1. Gassing, Not Guessing:
    For girls, good listening is very “element”-ary!
  2. Death Becomes Her:
    A guy learns there’s no “end” to his fiancée’s hearing skills.
  3. You Can Only Choose One Calling:
    Call of Duty, meet your nemesis: Call of the Girlfriend!
  4. A Concrete Excuse:
    For some married couples, pretending to listen is as good as it gets.
  5. Wishful Hearing, Part 2:
    Proof that half-hearing will get you into a whole lot of trouble!

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