Weekend Roundup: Give Love A Fighting Chance

| Not Always Romantic | Romantic | May 20, 2012

Give Love A Fighting Chance! Fights are normally a serious thing, but these lover’s quarrels are unexpectedly humorous!

  1. Give Marriage A Fighting Chance:
    Proof that kids know far more about married life than you think!
  2. The Chains Of Love:
    One lover learns about being chained to chores—literally!
  3. Someone’s Sleeping On The Tarmac Tonight:
    An airport employee unexpectedly plays air traffic controller for a feuding fiance & fiancee.
  4. It Was Over Before It Began:
    Relationship Rule #1: Men are never right, even when they admit they’re wrong.
  5. Two Sides To Number One:
    After 34 years of marriage, losing can be just as fun as winning!

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