Weekend Roundup: Geeky Love

| Not Always Romantic | Romantic | March 11, 2012

Introducing Weekend Roundups: each week, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite stories from the Not Always Romantic archives.

Geeky Love! This week, we share five stories that show there’s nothing quite as romantic (or esoteric) as loving a geek!

  1. Cylon And The City:
    What happens when the worlds of Samantha and Starbuck collide.
  2. Dating Sheldon Cooper:
    Expressing your love turns into an expression in mathematics when you’re dating a Math PhD!
  3. Not All Fantasies Are Final:
    A video game comes to life in the form of a sweet little girl.
  4. Love Spell:
    Whoever says Farmville is a waste of time hasn’t met this couple’s hay bales!
  5. Totally, Like, Avada Kedavra:
    Unless you’re Harry Potter, thou shalt not use killing curses…especially against the wife.
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