Weekend Roundup: Called Out By Kids

, , , | Not Always Related | Related | April 15, 2012

Called Out By Kids! This week, we share five cute stories of kids keeping adults honest!

  1. Stealing Is Old Hat:
    Trying to steal a hat, grandma? Not on your granddaughter’s watch, you’re not.
  2. Dishonesty Is Not The Ticket:
    A young son takes his dad’s ticket-scamming ways to task!
  3. The Not-So-Roundabout-Scout:
    Kids make great scouts, but spying isn’t one of their strong suits.
  4. The Truth is Never Expendable:
    Understating your children’s age for cheaper admission is timeless, but a child’s honesty is boundless!
  5. Close, But No Cigar:
    The best secret between two people is when the other person isn’t a child.

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