Weefee Rye Guy

, , , , | Right | November 21, 2019

(I am working in the front near the registers, with my manager manning the register itself. I see an older gentleman walk in and begin to place his order.)

Customer: *after finishing his order* “And I would like to get a side of the free weefee.”

Manager: *confused* “I’m sorry, what?”

(I immediately shoot my manager a look, knowing exactly what he is referring to, and she responds back with one that means, “Don’t you dare.”)

Customer: “You know, the free weefee. It’s mentioned on the sign at the entrance of the store.”

(He gestures to the sign which clearly denotes our free WiFi service.)

Manager: “Uh, sir, that is the WiFi service. It means you can access the Internet from a computer in here.”

Customer: *somewhat dejectedly* “Oh. Well, then, can I get some of the rye bread, without the seeds in it?”

(My manager shoots me a look that says, “Go. Now,” as we’re both struggling to hold our composure.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, sir, the bread simply comes like that. There is no way to get the seeds out of the bread.”

Customer: “Well, that sucks.”

(Luckily, there were no further customers in the back so we could let our laughter out. It became a meme of sorts around the restaurant to be the “weefee guy.”)

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