Weeding Out The Right Answer

| Helena, MT, USA | Learning | December 31, 2014

(In our health class we are doing skits about different decision-making scenarios. Our teacher is notoriously strict about only supporting abstinence and against drugs of any kind. Our group is given the scenario of trying to convince someone to smoke marijuana and the student must then make a decision.)

Student #1: “Hey, [Student #2], I’ve got some great weed. Wanna go smoke?”

Student #2: *pauses for effect* “Sure, sounds like fun!”

(They move off the stage and the teacher speaks up from the back of the class.)

Teacher: “Can anyone tell me what the student did wrong?”

(Now it’s my turn to jump in and do my part of skit.)

Me: “Oh, no, [Teacher], there was nothing wrong with her decision at all. You see, they were in Colorado and both over the age of 25. What they did was entirely legal and that was a fine decision to make.”

(The teacher gave us a huge glare and marked us down, even though we completed the assignment correctly. It was worth it.)

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