Wedding Planning: The Bear Essentials

, | Romantic | May 17, 2012

(My boyfriend takes me to a very nice steakhouse for no apparent reason, except that he has a gift card to use up.)

Me: “What do you want to do tonight?”

Boyfriend: “I don’t really care, but we have to stop by the house. I have a surprise for you.”

Me: “A surprise? What is it?”

Boyfriend: “It’s something we’ve been talking about a lot lately and it’s something you really want. It’s warm and fuzzy. And brown. And not living.”

Me: “A teddy bear?!” *he nods and I laugh* “You know, you’re a terrible secret

(Later, we get to the house.)

Boyfriend: “It’s on the couch under that blanket. I didn’t want the cat to bother it.”

Me: “Okay!”

(I go over to the couch and move the blanket to see a teddy bear with a box sitting next to it. I pick up the box and all of a sudden my boyfriend is right next to me, on his knee. He takes the ring, proposes, and I say yes – of course!)

Boyfriend: “And you said I couldn’t keep a secret!”

(Turns out he ordered the ring more than a month before, had it for over two weeks, and I had hugged him once with it in his pocket!)

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