Wedding Parties Are Never A Party

, , , | Right | January 25, 2019

Caller #1: “Hi, I’m a bride who has a block of rooms for my wedding. However, my friends have been calling and they’ve been told that they don’t have any more rooms! Can you check?”

(I check and tell her what the computer says: that they still have plenty of rooms in their block.)

Caller #1: “Huh, that’s weird. Oh well, I’ll just text and tell them to call you to book! Is that okay?”

Me: “Sure.”

(She thanks me and hangs up. Hours later, I get a call from one of her friends, to book a room under the wedding block. But he wants to book a room for a week.)

Me: “The wedding block is only for two nights. So if you’re to book for a week, then you have to pay full price.”

Caller #2: “I see, and how much is the price?”

Me: “Wedding block’s rate is [price]. Regular rate is [higher price].”

Caller #2: “I see. Well, I’ll talk to my significant other and we’ll call you back.”

Me: “Okay.”

(He hangs up and hours later, he calls again and we go through the SAME EXACT conversation!)

Me: “Wait, did I talk to you a while ago?”

Caller #2: *mysteriously, stifling laughter* “I dunno, have you?”

Me: *internal sigh* “Okay…”

(He decided to talk it over with his significant other again and hung up. I think I know why they had been having problems booking! I hate wedding parties.)

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