Wearing The Vest Of A Slave

, , , | Right | October 26, 2018

(I work in a well-known big box store whose employees wear a distinctive vest with a logo on the back. I am wearing my vest when I stop at the liquor store. I am looking at wine when this happens.)

Woman: “Excuse me.”

(Thinking she is trying to pass, I step closer to the shelves to allow her to pass. She clears her throat and says even louder:)

Woman: “Excuse me! I’m looking for [Fancy Brand] of wine.”

Me: “I don’t work here, sorry.”

Woman: *rolling her eyes* “I know that. You work at [Big Box Store]. You have your vest on. So, hop to it.”

Me: “What?”

Woman: *snaps* “It’s a law. If you don’t help me, I’m going to call the police!”

(A man, I assume her husband, comes over and takes her arm. He gives me an “I’m sorry” look and leads her away.)

Woman: *yelling* “You’re required by law to help me! You’re wearing the vest!”

(I sometimes feel like slave labor when I work at [Big Box Store], but I had no idea that the vest actually made me one.)

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