Wearing Your Christmas Pajamas To Work

, , , | Right | December 26, 2017

(It’s about three days before Christmas, and an elderly couple is trying to find gifts for their granddaughters. At this point, we’ve run out of some of the product on the sales floor, so I’m filling in girls’ clothes. I’m stocking the shelves, in my store uniform, with two PDA devices with the store logo clipped to my belt!)

Husband: “Why don’t we ask this young lady here for help?”

Wife: “Leave her alone, [Husband]! I don’t think she works here.”

Husband: “But she’s wearing red like the rest of them!”

Wife: “It’s Christmas time! Loads of people are wearing red!”

Me: “Hi, there! I do, in fact, work here! Can I help—”

(I don’t think they hear me.)

Husband: “But she has one of those electric gadgets.”

Wife: “[Husband], don’t you know all the kids carry those fancy phones around?”

Me: “Hello! Can I help you find anything?”

Husband: “See, I told you she works here! We’re looking for matching pajamas for two little girls.”

Me: “Sure, I can show you what we’ve got. What sizes do you need?”

Wife: “Oh, god, [Husband]! I forgot to ask the girls’ sizes!”

Me: “Can you tell me how old they are? With kids’ pajamas, it’s usually pretty easy to estimate the proper size.”

(We found lovely princess pajamas!)

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