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We Wish Bigots Would Just Stick To Shopping Online

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I just finished my early shift and am a little sick and dehydrated, so I stop by the store to grab something to drink on the way home.

I get in line, and there are three customers in front of me. [Customer #1] at the front of the line is of some Asian descent, it seems. [Customer #2] is behind him, and behind him is [Customer #3], a German man who wants to exchange his recycled bottles slip for money.

As I walk up, it seems that [Customer #3] has asked [Customer #1] if he could cut in front of him to exchange his recycling slip, and [Customer #1] has declined.

The majority of the conversation takes place in German unless noted otherwise.

Customer #3: *In English* “Ah, go back to Asia!”

He keeps nagging the Asian man, who is pointedly ignoring him while already packing his paid-for items. [Customer #3] asks [Customer #2] if he can cut in front and apparently gets permission. He keeps muttering annoyances about the Asian guy’s supposedly-rude behavior of making use of his right to not let him cut in front of him.

I am getting really annoyed, partly because I am in pain and really just want to get my drink and go home.

One more “Go back to Asia” snapped at [Customer #1] as he’s leaving breaks my tolerance. Another guy in the next lane pipes up the same moment as I do.

Me: “Would you shut your racist trap already?! Racists like you should just die out already!”

Next Lane Customer: “You are such an a**hole! Shut up!”

We go back and forth a few times, while the cashier just quickly gives [Customer #3] the money for his recycled bottles. The guy from the next lane finishes his transaction and snaps at [Customer #3] one last time about being a racist and leaves. [Customer #3] then focuses his attention back on me.

Customer #3: “Do you work?”

Me: *Glares* “Yes.”

Customer #3: “Well, then it’s okay.”

Me: “So, you’re saying that if I didn’t work, my opinion wouldn’t be valid?”

He waves me off.

Me: “Excuse me, I asked you a question!”

He ignored me and left.

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