We Will Make These Fireworks Work

, , | Right | July 19, 2016

(I am currently volunteering at a booth that sells fireworks. All the money we make that doesn’t pay for the fireworks goes to supporting the kids’ club, sending wayward kids to camp, and keeping four public pools open. As required, there are two people in the booth at all times, I and another volunteer. We have several deals for buy-one get-one-free for select small fireworks. My coworker and I have been talking about several rude customers that he’s had to deal with. He’s been manning the booth for the past few days and had to deal with most of the customers. I am asking about customers who demand discounts or are just plain rude when a customer walks up. I stand up and offer him one of our flyers that has all of our products for sale on it. He grabs it and looks through it for a while before speaking up.)

Customer: “I’m looking for something that’s under $30. That’s all I have and I need fireworks for my two sons.”

Me: “Okay, not a problem, sir. We have several small packages for under $30 that have a variety of things in them.”

(I then proceed to show him several of our smaller packages that contain several small fireworks. He decides on one that’s only $20. He then also asks for Morning Glories which are one of the buy-one get-one-free, getting 60 for $10. He also wants two packets of little pop rocks, ones that you throw on the ground and they pop, and they’re 99¢ each. Unfortunately for him, after tax his total goes over his $30 budget, and you can tell he’s visibly upset. He tries to take the two pop rocks out, but he’s still over, and he doesn’t want to take the Morning Glories out. Finally, after he starts pulling out the money and the change he has, still leaving him short $2-3, my coworker chimes in.)

Coworker: “How much short are you?”

Me: “$2.73.”

Coworker: “I’ll pay the difference; give him the pop rocks, too.”

(The man looks overjoyed at being able to afford his fireworks, and leaves with a big smile after thanking my coworker several times. After the man left, my coworker turned to me and said this:)

Coworker: “Sometimes you just know which ones have a good heart. He’s probably a single dad who works hard to support his two kids. I’m more than happy to help people like that out.”

(It probably wasn’t that much to him or me, but I’m sure it made that man’s day just a little bit better.)

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