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We Thought Green Tea Was Supposed To Be Calming?

, , , | Right | October 13, 2021

I work in an area where NFL owners, professional athletes, and the like live. One of our regulars is some guy who has spent his life wallowing in orange spray tan and has the whitest hair one can imagine.

Every day, he comes in and orders a green tea; literally a teabag with hot water. No matter what, there is always something wrong with it: too hot, too cold, cup is weird, whatever.

During my last two weeks at the store, this guy comes in when we’re being slammed. He orders and I call out:

Me: “Green tea latte for [Customer #2].”

Notice I did not say, “green tea.” He comes up and snaps:

Customer #1: “Excuse me, it was green tea. It’s literally water and a tea bag. How stupid can you be?”

I turn toward him and look him dead in the eye.

Me: *Loudly* “That’s not even your f****** order! Every time you come in here, it’s something else. If we’re so stupid, then go to another location.”

He stepped back and didn’t say anything after that.