We Think We’ve Found The Demon He Was Shouting About

, , , , , , | Right | January 13, 2020

I’ve just finished ordering a healthy lunch of nuggets, fries, and soft drinks for my kids in the packed food court when a man jumps up into the counter and starts yelling about god and demons.

He is obviously having some sort of psychological crisis and security is quick in arriving and coaxing him down. He seems pretty harmless, but it’s school holidays and the place is packed with families and teens who wouldn’t normally be there this time of day mid-week so there’s a lot of kids looking a bit scared.

Security is successful and he is coaxed down and escorted away — hopefully to be met by an ambulance so he can get some assistance — and everyone starts to get back to what they were doing prior to the excitement.

Cue an irate woman who starts yelling at the staff because her food is taking too long to be ready. She actually folds her arms and stomps her foot and demands that her food be ready “right this instant or corporate will be informed.”

Honestly, how self-absorbed are people?!

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