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We Think They Might Have Trouble With Their Password

, , , , | Right | May 13, 2020

I work in the client services department of an online brokerage. One of our duties is the “Welcome Call” to those who open a new account, giving them some information they’ll need. We have a routine script that we work off:

Coworker: Hi, Mr. [Client], this is [Coworker] with [Company]. I wanted to give you your account number and show you how to access your account online. If you can get a pen and paper, I am going to start by giving you your account number and password to download the software. The password is going to be a little long, and be a combination of letters and numbers, all uppercase for the letters.”

My coworker pauses for a second while the client gets his pen and paper and then she continues.

Coworker: “Okay, so your account number is [number], and your password is going to be [password]. Remember, be sure you have the caps lock on; it’s all capitals.”

Another pause on her side.

Coworker: “Yes, sir, even the G and the K are capital.”

I fell out of my chair laughing.

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