We Support A Feminine Future AND Mexican Food

, , , , | Right | February 12, 2019

(This takes place shortly after the Women’s March, for which I purchased a shirt that says, “The Future Is Female.” After the march, I head to work, where the uniform policy is fairly progressive and lax.)

Customer #1: “What does your shirt mean?”

Me: “Well, I strongly support a lot of the protests and marches that are going on, and the company making them is donating some proceeds to organizations with similar views.”

Customer #1: “So, you want to feed the hungry?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer #2: “What are you talking about?”

Customer #1: *confused, stares at [Customer #2], and then reads my shirt again* “Oh! Sorry. I thought it said, ‘The Future is Tamales.’”

Customer #2: *to me* “He lost his glasses yesterday. Sorry about that.”

(I laughed my way back to the kitchen, though I do wish there were substantially more tamales in my future, as well.)

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