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We Sold Out Because The Sale Did Its Job, Idiot!

, , , , | Right | June 30, 2020

I am working as the lead assistant at a local retailer. We are beginning a pre-Black-Friday special on a brand of canned vegetables all week. Due to all the local food drives, supply quickly runs out.

About an hour before we are going to close, an older man walks in with his wife. The wife turns to me with a scowl.

Customer: “And where are all of the [Brand] vegetables in your ad?”

Me: “I am sorry, but we have sold out.”

Customer: “And why is that?”

Me: “Honestly, ma’am, we have a lot of local charity groups that buy them for food drives.”

Customer: “This is stupid. Shouldn’t you limit the amount they can buy? That would be the fair thing to do.”

I can tell she is fuming mad, so I ask for the ad she is holding and point at the bottom.

Me: “The ad says here that there is not a limit on any sale items. And also, being that the winter season is coming, I am not about to limit food that is purchased for the less fortunate. We will be having another sale on the [Brand] vegetables before Christmas, or you can try one of our other stores.”

As I’m saying this, one of our well-known regulars is approaching my register with her purchase, as I have let my clerk take a smoke break.

Customer: “I demand to speak to the manager. This is an outrage!”

Before I can speak, the other customer enters the conversation.

Customer #2: “Can’t you read, lady? He is the manager! And frankly, with the fuss you’re making, he should have kicked you out long ago. Now git!”

With that, the first customer storms out of the store stating that she will never return again.

Customer #2: “What a holiday spirit that one has, huh? In all the years you’ve worked here, I’ll never understand how you handle that!

This made me smile, and I wished her a happy holiday.

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