We Should Send Letters Just To Screw With You  

, , , | Right | December 6, 2019

(When a customer changes their online access info, we are required to notify them by mail that their info has changed. Sometimes, letters are mailed in error.)

Customer: “Why did I get this letter?! Tell me now!”

(I check: no account activity for years.)

Me: “I’m not sure; no one has touched your account since [date].”

Customer: “Why did I get this letter?”

Me: “It could have been sent in error.”

Customer: “I want an answer!”

(I consult with another department that handles online account access information.)

Me: “I’m sorry, I checked with another department and they don’t have any further info, either.”

Customer: “I want a manager!”

(Five minutes later, while I consult my supervisor:)

Me: “My supervisor says he doesn’t have an answer, either. Do you still want to talk to them?”

Customer: “I waited five minutes for your supervisor to say the same thing? I’m leaving cable!” *click*

Me: *in my head* “Well, you could have believed me five minutes ago and saved yourself the time.”

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