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We Reject Your Logical Choice And Substitute Our Illogical One

, , , , | Working | December 15, 2020

My job is not exactly unique, and within my company alone, we have around 5,000 people doing it, but what makes my position different is that I work solo in a location, whereas most people have teams of at least five or six.

The company decides that they are going to open another solo location due to the low overheads and high profits we tend to make, and so it is decided that I am going to help get it set up as well as teaching the new starter the ropes you don’t get shown in a team.

My manager finds a nice hotel five minutes’ walk from the location — he asked me if I was happy walking before booking it — which also includes breakfast and tea, so the only extra budget would be for lunch. The problem starts because it is £10 over his allowed budget and so it has to be sent off to the cost centre for approval. They, of course, check hotels in the area for cheaper prices.

Cost Centre Employee: “[Manager], we managed to find a few hotels in the area with lower prices. We are rejecting your hotel selection. Please find somewhere else.”

This is where malicious compliance comes in. He found a really nice hotel a twenty-minute drive from the location and £1 below his budget. He booked it for me and this was accepted; however, the hotel did not include any food, and the way our company works is that they will cover all food costs from the hotel as long as you have receipts. Because it was twenty minutes from the location and I could not drive, taxis were also booked for me to take me to and from work.

This ended up costing the company an extra £500 after paying for food and taxis. I got to take full advantage of a five-star hotel, as well as having shorter days at work due to “travel time.”

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