We Need One Of These In Every Store

| | Right | December 20, 2007

Employee: *making out a rain check* “Okay, so I’m just going to look on the computer and check if any other locations have this item.”

Nice customer: “Okay, thanks.”

Angry customer: “Stop f***ing socializing and do your g**d*** job!”

Employee: “Sir, please don’t be abusive, I’m just checking our other loc-”

Angry customer: “I don’t care! DO YOUR JOB!”

(At this point, the angry customer moves toward the counter in a very threatening way. The customer behind HIM, a super-fit guy in a UFC jacket, steps in. Mr. UFC grabs the angry customer in a CHOKE HOLD and drags him outside, followed quickly by management, and to the applause of the staff and customers inside the store.)

(The angry customer was banned from the store and Mr. UFC got a gift card.)

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  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    Yeah, while Mr. UFC is morally in the right, he’s legally in the wrong. The angry customer had yet to do anything violent, which means Mr. UFC was defusing a situation that hadn’t been lit yet.

    • Rylee Johnson

      But he was yelling profanities and approaching the counter in a “threatening way” according to the worker. Better to be safe than sorry.