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We Need More Juicy Details

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About thirty minutes before we close for the night, a small group of teenage boys comes in. Thinking they’re going to be rowdy or disruptive, I brace myself.

Teenage Boy #1: “Hi. Do you have any fruit?”

Me: “Sorry, what?”

Teenage Boy #2: “Yeah, do you have any fruit? Like, oranges? Or apples? Or even some lemons?”

Me: “Uh, well, we have some frozen fruit for smoothies.”

Teenage Boy #3: “Do you have anything we could juice, though?”

Teenage Boy #2: *Holds up a box* “We just bought a juicer and we wanted to try it out.”

Me: *Totally confused now* “Sorry… we only have frozen fruit.”

Teenage Boy #1: “Aw, okay. Thanks, anyway!”

They leave and my manager walks over.

Manager: “What did they want?”

Me: “They wanted to know if we had any fruit. They just bought a juicer.”

Manager: “Why on earth would a bunch of teenage boys buy a juicer?”

Me: “Beats me!”

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