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We Know Airline Food Is Bad, But Come On!

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I am a passenger passing through airport security, and my attention is drawn to a loud conversation happening in a line parallel to mine. I can see a couple of airport security staff loudly trying to explain something to an older Asian woman.

Airport Security #1: “Ma’am! You cannot bring this on to the plane with you! It needs to be checked in with your hold luggage!”

Airport Security #2: “You cannot bring an electronic item with heating elements onto the plane!”

The older Asian lady starts shouting at them in Cantonese. Eventually, another Asian woman, somewhat younger, comes over and starts shouting at the older Asian woman in Cantonese. Then, she turns to the security staff.

Younger Woman: “Sorry, sirs. My mother didn’t realize she couldn’t bring a rice cooker onto the plane.”

I suddenly realize, with shock, that there is a small one-person rice cooker sitting there in her open luggage. The older Asian lady is still shouting something in Cantonese. The younger woman “translates”.

Younger Woman: “My mother is sincerely apologetic and did not realize that it would be a problem to bring this item on the plane.”

There’s continued shouting from the older lady.

Younger Woman: “Even if it is just a little one and designed for small portions.”

And there’s more shouting from the older lady.

Younger Woman: “We are happy to have this item discarded so that we can make the plane on time, and she won’t be doing this again now that she knows the rules.”

I needed to leave, so I didn’t see what happened next at security. However, I did spot the older lady again, this time shouting at some staff in an electronics store inside the terminal. Her long-suffering daughter was trying to explain, I assume, that this store sold things like international plug adapters, not individual rice cookers.

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